Internet of Things (IoT) Will Impact in Your Daily Life

Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of things” which became popular and rallying the internet. These are connected to the Internet via wireless and wired Internet connections. These sensors can use different types of local area connections such as RFID(radio frequency identification), NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Sensors can also have wide area band connectivity such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, and LTE. These devices collect useful data with the help of various existing technologies and then autonomously flow the data between other devices.


IoT and Daily Life

Everyone dreamed of smart homes where our appliances do our work automatically. To improve your routine work and make effective technological assistance Iot is mainly use in different fields all over the world. Globally, countries are fast-adopting IoT in spaces such as retail, customer wearable, commerce and smart infrastructure. Currently a relatively small market for IoT, India aims to determine at least 20 percent market share in the next 5 years. The Indian government’s efforts in modeling a ‘Digital India’ highlight the indispensable role of IoT and cloud technologies to usher in a digital revolution for growth in India.

IoT device and solution providers can also be used in versatile fields such as Agriculture to help farmers and enrich the production, also in out of technological fields to deliver proper output and also a source of security surveillance to the humanity.

Growth of IoT in India

in the recent few years , India has been moving towards the digital economy. Today IoT is the best technology that let you connected everything from your home security system, appliances and technology with your internet. So now it was the right time to invest in IoT and let us discuss the upcoming factors,

  • Now indian Iot market is expected to grow from the current USD 5.6 billion and 200 million connected units to USD 15 billion to 2.7 billion units by 2020.
  • As the global IoT business is expected to touch $300 billion by 2020, India aims to capture 20 per cent market share in another five years.
  • Government’s focus is to create an IoT industry in India of $ 15 billion by 2020.
  • The industrial applications of IoT, primarily in manufacturing, automotive and transportation and logistics, are expected to drive the IoT revenue by 2020.
  • Investors showing warm interest in start-up companies with large amount of investment around 60 million since 2014.


Even though there is a technological impact in our daily life there is also major factor factor that is to be noted which is the home security and surveillance which is made possible by the development of IoT in various fields. So iot is transforming the way of living and the way people do businesses which will definitely pave the way for the future visionaries.

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