10 Free URL Shortener Websites to Hide Long URL

Are you looking for the list of URL Shortener websites ? Here we are summarize the URL shortening services for the internet users, promote affiliate links. URL Shorteners are very useful to make long website url into small length url. I have listed Top 10 URL shortening services that can help you to promote your affiliate links and hide long website addresses.

URLs can be really long, and long URLs can break when passed around through email, social networks, etc. So URL shorteners can help by making them shorter and potentially making them more readable. Many URL shorteners have added a feature to track clicks on that URL and aggregate information about those clicks. (Time of day, geography, source of the click, etc.) For publishers that’s a huge benefit URL shorteners can not only prevent breakage when URLs are passed around, but they can learn more about traffic to their site.

url shortener websites

List of URL Shortener Services

  1. Bit.ly
  2. Goo.gl
  3. Bit.do
  4. Jar.ma
  5. Ow.ly
  6. Tinyurl.com
  7. T.co
  8. Is.gd
  9. Tr.im
  10. Tiny.cc

Purposes of URL Shortening

  • Make links more manageable and very short length
  • Track and Monitor click data of shorten url
  • Easily transformed into social media services like Facebook
  • If your character count is limited (e.g. Twitter), short URLs come in handy
  • URL Shorteners are provide a useful features to their users
  • We can share via SMS easily and smart.

People started using URL shortening services long before Twitter existed. I think Tinyurl was around in 1999. However, Twitter has made these services much more popular.

Some URLs are extremely long. 200+ characters. For these, I see the use for URL shortening services. If you’re writing an email, and want to stick to the old standard of 80 characters wide, then URL shortening services can be useful.

But overall, yes I think you touch on a point. URL shortening services aren’t always useful and can actually be harmful. If someone posts a Tinyurl on Slashdot, it’s almost guaranteed to point to something gross.

Example :

Long URL Version : http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=de&geocode=&q=Mountain%2BView%2C%2BKalifornien%2C%2BUSA&sll=52.130956%2C11.636701&sspn=0.342681%2C0.699692&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Mountain%2BView%2C%2BSanta%2BClara%2BCounty%2C%2BKalifornien&t=h&z=13

Short URL Version : http://goo.gl/9hbF

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