Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps in 2019

1. DecorMatters Create your dream home with the DecorMatters AR App. This is the perfect app for shoppers, decor lovers, interior designers, and furniture stores. It allows users to browse their inspiration feed for ideas, save or share them with friends, virtually scale 3D furniture into any space, measure room dimensions with AR ruler, and interact with… Read More »

The Best Web Design Software and Free Resources – 2020

Best Online Web Design Software If you’re a small or medium business or an individual starting an eCommerce website or a hobby blog, the following best website builders are highly recommended because they are user-friendly, hassle-free, and easy to set up: 1. Wix (Free & Paid) With over 150 million users in 190 countries, Wix is one… Read More »

7 Ways to get More Traffic to your YouTube Videos

1. Put Your Video Tags with Good Keywords The more keywords you stuff into your videos, the more opportunities it creates for people to find your video. Make sure title contains good keywords to reach the right audiences 2. Transcribe Your Videos and Post the Entire Transcript into Your Video Description Websites do not currently… Read More »

23 Smart Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Following are 23 proven strategies that can help you boost readership and increase traffic to your blog. Why do you want more traffic? So, you have a blog, but want more traffic? First, check your motives: Is it help people, be a resource, and make a difference? Or to make you famous? If the latter, quit blogging now. If you’re… Read More »

10 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2019

1) Python Created: Python language developed by Guido van Rossum. It was first released in 1991. Pros: Supports multiple systems and platforms Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) driven. Helps to improve Programmer’s Productivity Allows you to scale even the most complex applications with ease Extensive Support Libraries Cons: Note ideal for Mobile Computing Python’s database access layer is… Read More »